Simply put, we provide primary research and information that makes a difference in your work.  We do this through a variety of techniques.  Research includes the tried-and-true:


· Focus groups (online and in person)

· Individual in-depth interviews

· Online surveys

· Telephone surveys

· In-person intercept interviews

· Mail surveys


But research today also includes many next-generation techniques:


· Eye tracking

· Agile research

· Facial coding

· Mobile qualitative and quantitative

· Galvanic skin response

· Text analytics


The key is knowing what to use, when.


We have served an almost limitless variety of industries:  consumer packaged goods, online retailing, medical, radio and television, pet products, homebuilding, education, hospitality, consumer electronics, magazines, architecture, government, catalogs, transportation, etc.  But we specialize in five areas:


· Branding – we’ve worked extensively with branding agencies and departments for some of the world’s most recognized brands

· Non-profit and religious – our leadership has helped over 100 different organizations and ministries with their research needs

· Financial services – we’ve worked with credit cards, deposit products, branding, customer satisfaction, consumer credit, and many other subjects within the financial community

· Automotive – car clinics, product development, branding, naming, sponsorship research, the sales process and many other areas

· Sports and leisure – soccer, billiards, golf, college athletics, hockey, racing, and more

Supposing is good, but finding out is better.”

Mark Twain

SHR has counted on Grey Matter’s expertise over the years

for qualitative and quantitative research projects, and the

company has always delivered beyond expectations.”

Penny Pierce, Director of Research

SHR Perceptual Management




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