“You delivered the ‘impossible’ and were a pleasure to work with throughout

the process.  My only question is:  When can we work together again?”

John Wilkinson, Account Supervisor

Russ Reid Company



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At Grey Matter, we have a passion for market research that makes a difference.  We’re the car you depend on to take you to work every morning, not the one that looks great, unused, in a museum showcase.  We’re the favorite toy that gets played with day after day, not the collector doll that sits unloved on a shelf.  We’re the research that gets used by leaders making key strategic decisions, not the report that just takes up space on your hard drive.


In all fairness, Grey Matter Research & Consulting has not:


· won the Stanley Cup

· helped feed, clothe, and educate 12 million people in nearly 100 different countries

· managed over $20 billion in financial assets

· maintained nearly half the nation’s blood supply

· supplied heavy equipment to the world for 175 years

· funded more than $250 million in medical research

· or designed Super Bowl championship rings for the Pittsburgh Steelers


But our clients have.  And we helped them by providing information and insight which enhanced their ability to succeed.


We’ve helped our clients do some amazing things.  What can we help you do?

“Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen,

and thinking what nobody has thought.”

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi von Nagyrapolt

It is with great sadness that we mourn the recent passing of Ted Apostol from WestGroup here in Phoenix.  At various times, Ted was a Grey Matter client, vendor, and partner.  Most of all, he was a long-time friend.  He defined the word “gentleman” and let his faith guide how he lived every part of his life.  He left us far too soon and will be missed tremendously.




Grey Matter’s latest report is now available.  Click Here to Find a Church (Maybe) is an exploration of the inaccuracy and incompleteness of denominational websites when it comes to locating local member congregations.  Click here to find details on this new study (and not just Maybe).




Grey Matter President Ron Sellers was the keynote speaker at the Protestant Church-Owned Publishers Association Spring Conference in Nashville in April.




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